aod-t5 swap


New Member
Mar 1, 2009
Ive got a 91 gt with an aod thats toast. I was gonna do a race rebuild with parts from silver fox trans, but my buddy emailed me this morning and said he found a t5 swap for $450. What all should be in this kit so i know im getting everything if i do chose to buy this kit. Is this a good price?
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Sounds like a good deal if the tranny is good. You need: flywheel with bolts, clutch and PP w/ bolts, arm, TO bearing, pilot bearing, block plate, pedals w/ quadrant, cable, CSS, bell and shifter and the floor boot. I think this is all? I just did it my self. You will also need the harness if you want to have reverse lights or NSS, I have yet to do this part but as long as I have the clutch safety I am cool.