Paul Perreca

New Member
Mar 30, 2005
My car is currently at JD's HIGH PERFORMANCE - Joe said he would send me my baseline results in my email n my final results too - if he does, i'll save them as a picture n post them - IF i dont break 300 hp, i'll just post them in here, but if i do, i'll make a new thread cuz i want to lol - wish my bad girl luck!
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well i figured this would kind of be tech - because so many ppl are weary about dyno tuning, it would be tech if i posted my exact combo, and my dyno sheets cuz i'm going to have questions about how to read the graph correctly w/ my power band and things - daggar bastard lol
good luck with the 300+

it's just as well you posted in tech, i'm getting paranoid about reading threads in talk as it seems like so many people lately when they post it's about selling their atleast here in tech i know if there's a thread some one is most likely keeping it!:D
JD's is takin forever lol nah itold them they could have it as long as they needed it, so im sure its off on the back burner now - but they looked really busy, there was 2 other fox bodys there n a ferrari lol plus whateve was IN the shop !