Back In The Saddle Again!!

5.0 HOtrain

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May 20, 2001
New Hampshire
It's been four stangless years until now! Just picked up a 93 notch (was on my list of must own cars). Given how clean it is, I could overlook the porno red interior (can be changed). I liken it to sitting in your favorite recliner at home..........sitting behind the wheel feels like being home. I've owned an 82 , 86 , 90 , 92 , and 03 terminator. Now the proud owner of this beauty. She needs some work to be whole, however it's a solid 8 / 8.5 out of 10, a great start.

The previous owner didn't know much about the car, but it has Edelbrock performer head / intake / TB / unknown cam, 30# injectors, vortech fuel system, full exhaust, and all other basics......It appears the mass air flow is stock ford, it has some low speed / part throttle issues and runs rich, so I ordered a new mass air tonight.


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