battery isnt charging


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Jun 18, 2005
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hey guys, i just built a wiring harness for my engine bay and relocated my battery to the trunk.
but my battery isnt charging...i think i have the alt. wired up correctly :shrug: i have 12.13v at the battery, 12.13v at the starter soleniod and 12.13v at the 'Bat' terminal on the alt. but the volts stay right there, even with RPM change. i startered the car 4 times with just bat. power, no alt. hooked up hince the reason its under 12.6v. the wire i used from the 'bat' terminal on the alt. to the soleniod is 10g. the bat. is a brand new optima red. any suggestions?
thanks guys
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1 ground 2 power. start the car and just see which one is putting out volts. ohm out to find the ground.

any easy way to check the alt..........start the car with the alt spinning and see if it becomes magnitized on the back. check it with a screw driver.

its only 3 wires and one is a ground so it shouldnt be to hard or long to figure it out. after that head to the voltage regulater. I had one fail way back when i was in h.s. and i opened it up and a wire was burned.

after that is the solinoid i believe and then batt.

im going off memory so i may be off a bit.