Been a long time coming but my car runs!


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Jun 14, 2004
Bay Area, CA
Well I fired it for the first time weds night in about 6 months. I would have posted this yesterday but I wanted it to run for a whole day before jinxing myself. Anyway after a lot of replacement parts my car is running better than ever. New fuel pump, tank, filter, injectors and fuel rails in addition to a new computer, a new dizzy and even a TFI module. Plan on bumping the timing back to 14 degrees tonight and maybe adjusting the fuel pressure. But I must say that I never would have expected the kind of carnage I found in my tank, filter injectors an d fuel rails. My entire fuel system was filled with some of the nastiest rustiest sludge I have ever seen. Still not sure of the cause of all of this but I am happy to say that I fixed it myself (with a lot of help from my bro) The Ford dealer was useless in diagnosing the real problem and furthered my lack of confidence in their abilities. They spent a month trying to figure out the problem only to change the computer and tell me I "might" have two bad injectors. When I didnt even have two good ones. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me diagnose the problem. I guess the real lesson I learned was just because you are getting fuel pressure to the rail doesnt mean your getting fuel. Time for the happy dance.......

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Yikes! Your fuel system was clogged with rust-sludge? That's scary man....especially because you don't know the source.

When I dropped the fuel tank last fall to change my fuel pump, the retaining piece that holds my pump and fuel lines was all rusty and I had to hammer it to get it out.
I've been told that it could be because of how long it sat with only a 1/4 of gas. But if thats the cause of the rust what kept it from starting 6 months ago? I seem to think that maybe someone put something in my tank. Because one day it ran fine and the next day it just wouldnt start. So I invested $13 in a locking gas cap just in case.