belt size without smog? but with A/c?

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im pretty sure its a 84.5 inch belt. and advance or autozone should have one. after i get my car running im gonna delete the smog too. do a search theirs only a thousand posts on this subject. :nice:
Kinda funny and beneficial for you, i just removed mine today to install a new one for my U/D pullies. My pulley system had the a/c but no smog pump, and it was a 90.25" belt. But also, that was stretched, so i would recommend a 90" belt. Anyways, you wouldn't want bigger, and i don't believe they come in 1/4" increments, (at least in most places). I think the 90" should do you fine.

One minor note, if you buy from like an advanced auto parts, and it doesn't fit, you can go right back and exchange it for a bigger/smaller belt until you get one that fits, so you should have no problems. :nice:
I have no a/c, and no smog pump. with UNDERdrive pulleys (crank, waterpump) and the stock alternator pulley it takes a 68.5" belt. I'm running an OVERdrive pulley on my alternator with underdrive pulleys on the crank and waterpump, and that little bit makes a 1/2" difference (68" belt). If your running all UNDERdirve pulleys (alternator, crank, waterpump) than I think you can use the 68.5" belt, but you may need the 69".

If your running stock pulleys than I can't help, sorry.

If you go to NAPA, the belt part numbers have the sizes in them e.g. a 68" belt is p/n #KO60680. the 68.5" belt is KO60685 and the 69" belt is KO60690. Many list their belt sizes in the part number.

by the way, you may have to wrestle some of the belts on - its a tight fit. If you go with the 1/2 size bigger - the tensioner will bottom out.
I just looked through some of my notes, and It seems that I had recorded that a 69" belt is needed if you are using the stock pulleys and no smog and no a/c. I also have a contradiction - I had recorded that if using all UNDERdrive pulleys you need the 69.5" belt. remember the part numbers have the sizes listed in the last 3 digits - so the 69.5" belt would be KO60695.

I am sure about the 68" belt and 68.5" belt circumstances listed in the earler post since those are the setups I just had to deal with.

Keep your bill and if one doesn't fit - go bigger or smaller - but beware 1/2" doesnt seem like a lot but it is.
yes the sn95's belts are different. Yes the 84.5 should fit. did on mine just make sure u route it right.
I ran my belt like in the diagram above (top left) a/c no smog. With the stock pulleys 84.5" was good but when I put my underdrives on it was too loose and a 83.5" fit nice and snug.
bryanrevans said:
For what it is worth I always do the fitting in the Autozone parking lot they will give you 2-3 belts and breaker bar!!!!!

thats where I fitted mine. :nice: Brought my own tools and took off the smog pump when I got home. I told them what I was doing so they didnt ring it up til I found the right one. As long as you dont crank it up, you can return it. I second it will be close to the 84.5" routed as the blue diagram. I have mine routed all screwy and its 76.5", dont do it. Works for me.