best cam for a bone stock 351w 86 block

Jet lesh

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Jun 27, 2021
I have a 1990 mustang lx car I've been working on. I finished the swap and want to add more power with a cam. I have a low budget so I plan on trying to port the stock heads and try to fit the biggest camshaft possible.
this is the cam kit I was thinking about putting into the car.
I also plan on getting a timing chain kit and maybe a set of rockers if I cannot use the factory rockers.
I do not daily drive the car and it's going to be a drag car so driveability isn't an issue.
I already have an Edelbrock dual plane performer intake and I plan on rebuilding a Holley 750 I have laying around for fuel.
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wanna catch the space herp
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Sep 1, 2010
Kearney, NE
Even with drag racing, the biggest cam that does not cause the valves to hit the pistons might not be the best cam. With ported stock heads, you will still want to match the rpm power range of the cam to the flow restricted power range of the head.
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