Big thumbs up for CJ Pony

Rat Race

New Member
Apr 3, 2005
New Jersey
Just wanted to say that I was in the market foe a front valance panel for my 67 coupe, usually I just pick up the phone and call NPD, I did many years of comparison shopping when I built my 72 camaro, and usually they had the best prices, and I got the stuff two days later, almost always.

When I went to Englishtown swap meet a coupla weeks ago, they had a big CJ Pony tent and I just happened to remember some prices for stuff I was looking for, and CJ was cheaper. And the quality looked good.

Long story short i neeed that valance and some other stuff, called NPD and they were 5 bucks higher on the valance, so I decided to check some other prices as well and yup, CJ pony was cheaper.

I placed the order and couldnt believe the parts were at my house the next day, like they overnighted it or something.

I never worry about shipping or handeling costs cause if you charge anything over 50 bucks on the American Express gold card you dont pay shipping.

So heres to CJ pony, good supplier. :hail2:
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