Body/Paint Experts, Please Help


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Sep 30, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Hi Guys,
I've just finished nicely detailing the engine compartment and underside of my 68 rust free Coupe. I need to reassemble it without a very much needed paint job, as right now I can't afford the $1500-$2000 for materials to do it right and certainly don't have the $8000-$12000 or more to have someone do it for me.I have a tentative plan to do a piece by piece job that I think will work out and I'm hoping that you can help with some guidance and corrections of any misconceptions I may have. I want to be able to drive the car a bit while doing this. I am changing from at least three layers/different colors of paint back to the original Sunlit Gold in base coat clear coat, so I realize that the final color on the outer parts of the car will have to be done all at once for the metallic to match from piece to piece. I only want to remove/replace windshield and rear window once. Here is my list in order:

1-Completely strip front fenders, doors, hood and trunk lid, epoxy primer inside and out, do the same to door jambs and trunk interior.

2-Prime and paint new color and clear coat on inside of trunk/lid, hood, fenders, door jambs and jamb area of doors. Reinstall all parts.

3-Piece by piece, as time and budget allows, sandable prime the outside of each panel and do whatever minor repairs necessary, block sand and repeat as needed.

4- When time and $$$ allow, remove windshield and rear window, strip roof and rear quarters, epoxy prime, sandable prime, etc, etc.

5-Wet sand/prep whole car and paint or have car painted the rest of the way.

I understand that this is not an ideal way to do a paint job, but it will help spread the cost and labor over a period of time, while allowing me to work out mechanical issues. It also seems that it will give me some good practice learning/working on my spray gun/techniques and working with the base coat/clear coat. I am also assuming that while a regular primer doesn't provide any sealing, the epoxy primer underneath it will. I have a nice large compressor and all of the stuff to make a temporary, well ventilated spray booth. Please correct me and tell me if I'm just making a bigger mess or getting in way over my head. Please be aware, there will likely be at least a couple more questions.

My Sincerest Appreciation In Advance,
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Not to worry. You should finish and detail the engine compartment, then edge paint the car, then install the engine.