Brake Upgrade Overkill?

I only have a few bolt-on mods, nothing major, and would like better stoping power. My car is only driven about 5K-6K miles a year, and is basicly a daily driver with a rare trip to the strip maybe in the future after more mods. I have no plans to race or anything. I have no plans to supercharge in the near future.

I really don't like the feel of my brakes, but would a cobra 13" upgrade be an overkill for me? What would you recommend I upgrade on my brakes to give me a noticable improvement in braking response & feel without going overboard?

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Founding Member
Apr 21, 2001
The cobra brake upgrade probably wouldn't be an overkill.. lots of people do it, some only merely the looks of the calipers.. you'd notice some difference in braking, but unless you do a lot of road racing or corner carving, you'd just get used to it right away.