brass cam bearings?


Jun 5, 2020
Kingman AZ
The engine and trans came out of the wife's 77 Ghia this weekend, and not a moment too soon.
I was hoping the 20 lb oil pressure was filthy oil. It probably didn't help, but it was worse than a trip to the store for oil and a filter.
Here's why

I may be new to 2.8, but I pretty sure there are no hi-po brass cam bearings.
That's #6
The filth almost made the 'freeze plugs' even with the block. What a pig.
The rod and main bearings, all but #2 which was down to brass, didnt look that bad. But the engine was a cold hi idle away from windowing a block.
It did have new valve stem seals and an aluminum cam gear, stock is steel, right?
This 2.8 has done its job. Not a ridge in a single cylinder, but she was certainly on her last legs.
To the machine shop she goes for a good bath, magnafluxed and punched .030 for federal mogal 30 over pistons, new cam bearings, line bored, a 2.9 crank, Clevite 77 bearings, swing balanced.
A Mellings hi vol oil pump and a Comp Cam 241-4, lifters, push rods will finish up the short block.
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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
Mar 5, 2019
All the old early smog motors look like that inside.
Just caked with black frosting
She's is gonna enjoy her bath.
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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
Mar 5, 2019
So all the babitt is gone on that bearing?


5 Year Member
Aug 11, 2013
Cleveland OH Area
Good call on a high-volume oil pump. The passenger-side valve-train can look nearly dry when you pull the cover (yours doesn't look half-bad), oiling wasn't the strongest part of the 2.8. Also make sure to hammer any dents out of the oil-pan, with a little sludge and a few attempts to jack from the pan over the course of 50 years, oil-starvation can wipe out the bearings pretty quickly. If you don't have the steel timing gear set (almost all do these days, the phenolic gears crumbled apart years ago) you'll want to grab a set of those too.
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