Bullitt Gauges

CF 99 GT

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Nov 17, 2003
Back when they were on the lot, I test drove a Bullitt. I remember the gauges having a 60’s retro look to them. They were dark gauges though not white. I for the life of me can’t find them anywhere, nor do I find anyone else asking about them. Did I imagine these gauges and if not, where can I buy them. Also is it hard to install them on a 99 gt?

Thanks In Advance
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I looked them up on a website, those are the gauges! I am still having a problem finding them for sale on-line. Is the dealer my only choice?? And just out of curiosity, does anyone else think they look awesome?!?
OK i called up Ford, and all they have is the entire Unit for like 500 bucks. Sorry I think I will pass. Does anyone know of any aftermarket retro style gauges, and where I can get them?
Bullitt guages


The Bullitt and Mach 1 gauges are the same except for the Mach 1 has "Premium Fuel Only " on the Cluster. Also the Auot and manual tranmissions have diferent RPM redlines.

Just keep checking ebay and also try the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club web site at http://www.imboc.com/.

I used the swap meet forum and posted a want ad. Got my set for $100.00.