buying a new suspension for my fox


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Nov 21, 2007
I need some advice about purchasing a new suspension for my 88. I've looked through some of the old threads and topics but some of that stuff was over a year old. I want my car to be a daily or weekend driver, I'm not looking for anything super expensive. I'd also like it lowered about in inch and I'm planning on putting 18's on it. I would like to stick to one brand for springs, struts, and shocks. But if someone has a better setup using different manufacturers that's fine too.

one more thing what does anyone have to say about koni and tokico?
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For springs i'd go with the proven eibach pro lowering kit.
Use Energy suspension isolators all the way around.
MM Camber caster plates.
For shocks, i prefer koni adjustables and think bilstein is over rated as far as ride quality.
I've had alot of shocks, bilstein, formula gp (back in the day) GTR (whatever the hell they were) kyb (garbage), and none have given the ride quality of my koni red adjustables in the front, on the softest setting.

I'd say it's great to have the koni's adjustable, but the truth is, once i got a taste of that soft setting, i've never touched them since.
Quads don't fit on my car, so i didn't bother.
On the rears i had gotten a deal on a NIB set of 12 way adjustable qa1 shocks, so that's what i use back there.

The nice thing about the suspension is that you don't need to buy everything at once, i've built mine up over the years.
I'd do the springs and CC plates first if you are on a budget.

BTW, don't forget the most important part of the suspension, subframe connectors. MM for sure.