C&l Mass Air Cobra

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Well I got a guy who says he has a 24lb c&l off his 93 cobra. I didn't want to buy it if the tube was wrong. So I emailed c&l and this is what they wrote.

The 1993 cobra vehicle has both a different computer processor and a different mass airflow sensor. The computer is programmed specifically for 24lb injectors and the ACTUAL (different) signal that the mass airflow unit that the vehicle comes with, which is as much as 23% different than a regular 89-93 Mustang 5.0. You would need to see what calibration tube is in the unit in order to determine whether or not it would need to be changed out for your application. We have no control over that tubes customers run in their cars, so without actually looking at the unit and determining what is in the unit, it is impossible for me to tell you if it will have the right calibration tube already inside of it. Worse case scenario, you will need to purchase a new (correct) calibration tube for your application...

Ok boys i dont no if Ken was trying to say this or not but let me clear this up. The meter does not actually calibrate anything , the calibration is in the eec . The cobra is calibrated for 24s. So when you use a calibrated meter it is actually re directing the air against the sensor thus tricking the computer into thinkng everything is ok . As far as a c&l the clear tube refers to a tube not marked. The tubes are marked with color markers like mine is blue for 24s IIRC. So there is what it is . Just wanted to make sure OP had a clear understanding before making his decision.
Right he needs to understand while part numbers may be different his meter should work in your car vise Versa but the x3z computer from the cobra is setup to run 24s .... where as the a9l a9p a9s a3m etc are all 19lb calibrated

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