Fox Call Everybody Running 315s On A 10.5" Rim Without Minitubs


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Aug 31, 1999
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Hey guys I was wondering exactly what you had to do to get them to fit. Or did you have to do anything at all. Please post pics of the inner wheel wells with and without the wheels on if possible. My buddy just test fitted his 10.5" 03 Cobra rims on his 93 notch that he just bought and they fit. I took some pics but I can't tell if the inner wheel well was messaged or not. The inner fender lip was rolled and quad shock was removed.

Can you guys tell if these inner wheel wells were messaged or not?


I'm just trying to see what I'll be in for if I try to put 315s on mine. Thanks in advance.
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I am running that combo. Pics wont do you any good. You will do a lot of pounding and rolling. Every car sits differently so every car will need adjusting in different places.
the biggest hurdle is the shock mount. thats where I rub when it happens. best bit of advice is to invest in hubcentric spacers.
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18x10 wheels don't seem to have as many issues as the 17x 10.5 wheels. I don't particularly care for 18s on a Fox. In all honesty 17x9 is the the largest rim you could reasonably run inside a Fox fender well without issues.
You don't know for sure how anything fits until you drive it.
The axle articulating, bumps, rear shifting left to right under load. The rear can move up to something like 2 inches going around corners.
God forbid you put someone in the back seat.

There is more to a tire on street car than just how it looks while sitting there.
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Well, I'm pretty sure it will take some work to get it to fit on my car. So I probably won't even put a 315 on it until I go ahead and bite the bullet and get minitubs. But I will test fit them since my buddy has them. I will also be test fitting some 295s on 15x10" Welds. I just want to see what WILL fit without modification using the big wheel tire combos that my friends have as testers.

Everybody made some very good points. Thanks!