car is alive! pics and vid!


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
finally got the car running again

the car runs suprisingly well with no tune, this time around it starts easier, idles smooth drives very smooth. i'm impressed with it so far. my tweecer rt is on the way and should be here this week, i hope to get to tuning on it soon.

havent got on it 100% yet, i am afraid to without a tune, my WB isnt showing rich enough for me to want to flog on her 100% it seems like its lagging a bit, may move the sensor closer to the engine.

but i did sneak up on it a bit at low rpm. didnt make but like 3 psi and never got above 3k hardly. but it seemed like it was pulling hard even at that low rpm. i cant wait to give it 100% once i get the AFR where i want them.

heres some pics and a small vid.
dont mind the filthyness of the car its been sitting for months. i need to take a nice afternoon and detail her.

everything went so good this weekend i was waiting for something to bite me in the butt, well the engine runs great BUT all of the core plugs in the block are starting to leak water. last year i had mostly water and not much antifreeze in the engine and i think the plugs started rusting bad, i thought it was just one, i took some JB weld and fixed that one but soon after driving the car a little more the rest started leaking too. so i have to fix that!

talked to some guys and they make a brass expansion plug that you can put in and tighten an acorn nut and do it that way. and not have to press fit them in. i'm hoping it can be done in the car, i would hate to pull the engine out for something so stupid. i guess its my own fault for not keeping an eye out for the correct water mixture. could be worse i guess.

well heres the pics. nothing special





and heres a small clip of idle and rev

and yes i depressed the clutch pedal with my mind :D (actually the NSS is bypassed) lol the seems more responsive when revving it up

let me know what you think.
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