Cat Back or H-Pipe?

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Cat back.

Opening your exhaust a little will give you a few more horses, but you still need to keep some restriction in the system to avoid losing low-end torque.

Installing an H-pipe does absolutely nothing for a V6, since we have an even firing cycle and there is no need for scavanging. Those who have installed one say it sounds good but they've lost a lot of power.
That's what I have, and I can't say it feels any stronger or weaker, but I'm pleased with how it sounds. It's throaty without being too aggressive, and it's still not too loud on the highway.
If you want loud, you might try installing glasspacks. It might sound like crap with a V6 though, and you might be seen frequently at the side of the road with the Law behind you! :eek:
already experinced it lol
my grandpa has a truck with glasspacks on it and i got my first ticket for that very thing just going to get some drinks lol.

well what do u think would get me closest to the gt sound?
Get the Magnaflows, you will love the sound, run the pipes str8 back(cut the y pipe), and you will love the sound. I did that with my old 98 V6 and lots of people mistook it for a V8. Well I would get the "is that a 5.0L?"

I think the midpipe would give you more top end power than a catback, but you would lose torque down low.