Chirping noise every time wheel spins


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Feb 10, 2021
I recently (about 1 week ago) had my brake shoes and springs changed on my 1986 Mustang hatch and I have noticed a chirping sound coming from my rear wheels every time they spin. I can only hear it in the cab when the windows are down and I'm driving along side a curb or a wall or another car so the sound can reflect back to me. Here's a video of me driving alongside two walls, hopefully you can hear it in this (plus I floored it a little at the end just for fun).

The guy that changed my brakes was a very friendly old mechanic that I met who really liked my car and told me he would work on it for cheap. I thought he did something wrong, so I took it to another mechanic to look at it and they said the brakes look perfect. He also said he drove in the car and didn't hear anything alarming.

The older mechanic that did the job took off the wear indicator and also cut the parking brake line (which he is going to replace soon, but he had to cut it because he said it was why my brakes were so worn down in the first place). I don't know if either of these things could be contributing to this.

The brakes work good, just this tiny sound is annoying me to no end. Does anyone have any ideas?
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