Climate Control AC Knobs


New Member
May 9, 2005
I see on ebay there are variations in color if you buy the billet knobs, but my question is, what is the stock backlight color? I want them to match what is already there, otherwise it may not look good. I would look at my own car, but it's not here for another few days. Also, anyone have these? I'd like to hear you opinions with them.
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Most of the billit knobs indicators come in either Green, Blue or Red. The OEM back ground light is Green. However, many of us are finding that the OEM back light is not strong enough to shine through with much luminosity. I bought some Red ones and I could barely see them with it turned to highest setting. I wish there was just a clear indicator, so at least the light shows through.

Except for the light issue, I like the knobs. I bought the UPR version round ones (satin finish) vs the ones similar to stock. Also bought the radio volume knob. Looks really good.