Clutch Pedal Squeaking Help

When I push my clutch pedal in it starts to squeak as it gets close to the floor and then it really squeaks as it travels back to its normal position. it only makes the noise when the pedal is traveling. I have been doing some research and it sounds like it could be the throw out bearing which would suck because I just installed a new one with new clutch, pressure plate and flywheel when I put the explore motor in. I have a 3 hook quadrant and I have my cable on the last hook so it is as tight as it can be. I am wondering if this can be creating the squeaking because it is too tight. my clutch pedal is about 2 inches above the brake pedal. Should I have it on the middle hook? would this be causing the squeaking?

I believe my cable is a stock cable and I do not have a firewall adjuster.
The squeaking sounds like a door that needs to be oiled.

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If it just squeaks when you move the pedal it's not the throwout bearing. I would say its in the pedal assembly somewhere. Normally a throwout bearing will make noise until pressure is put on the pedal. At least this has been my experience.
Thanks, I was hoping it wasn't the throw out bearing. I forgot to mention I had the car jacked up and by wife pushed the pedal and it sounded like it was coming grin inside the dust cover over the clutch fork. This is all when the car is off.

Shoud I move the cable to the middle hook in the quadrant?

Thanks again!
Doubt it is the TO bearing. Those normally make noise as they are spinning freely and when you depress the clutch, it applies pressure to the TO bearing against the clutch disk, stopping the bearing and the noise goes away. Your noise could either be a sticky cable, the pivot point on the clutch fork where it attaches to the bell housing, or most likely the pedal assembly/clutch quadrant.

The clutch pedal is normally higher than the brake pedal- so about 2 inches is normal.If you want the pedal flush with the brake pedal, MM sells a kit.
You don't want the cable to be as tight as it can be. It should be tight so there is no slack in the cable or pedal and back off a little. More important is where does the clutch actually engage and release- around where the pedal is even with the brake pedal- about 1/2 way in travel? Are you using a stock cable or an adjustable? Firewall adjuster or are you adjusting at the transmission?

Pretty sure MM has a tech article in how to properly adjust a clutch. You don't want to drive the car with an improperly adjusted clutch as it can wipe out new parts.

The squeak could be either a binding cable or the pedal assembly.
I noticed tonight when driving I barely have to move the pedal at all to shift. I don't drive the care very hard so I normally just put the clutch to the floor, but tonight I wanted to see how much pressure I actually needed. like I said I barely had to put pressure on it. Actually I shifted a couple time without out the clutch and it shifted fine without grinding. is my cable too tight? I just put this clutch in when I put the motor in so I don't wan to burn it out to quickly.

Right now my clutch pedal is about 2 inches above the brake pedal. I can freely push the clutch with my hand to about where the clutch pedal is parallel or just a little higher than the brake pedal. That is when the free play stops and I would have to apply a lot of pressure to keep pushing it. Is this right?

should I move the cable to the middle hook on the triple hook quadrant?