Coming out of hibernation.

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That push rod is a pain. Not hard to do but mine is still out of adjustment. At one point the car would brake itself after driving for a few miles and heating up the fluid. Now I am at the other extreme with my pedal on the floor. Wasnt too bad before carpet was installed. Now I get to adjust it again.
I totally agree. I broke down and bought a tool for measuring. Still a pain. I've never used the flexible brake lines but if I don't get this right the first time I'm going that route. Spilling brake fluid on the paint really irks me.
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Last time I messed with it I was able to leave the lines in place and used a small pry bar to get the MC past the studs. I wrapped the end of the pry bar with a shop rag and didn't scratch it. Although my 2 y/o MC looks like crap anyway. I degreased, primed and painted it yet it rusted anyway.
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Today I pulled the center counsel and slightly enlarged the shifter hole to stop the rattle in 2nd and 4th gears. While I had it out I thought I'd replace the E-brake handle seal. (I bought it years ago and lost it. Found it again!) Of course the old plastic holds it in place thingy broke.
Cut out some sheet steel for the new holds it in place thingy.
Looks good in place.
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It ain't pretty but I think I may have stopped the leak from the MC.
Speedo is working great. Choke cable is working great. Brakes are better...(Don't know where else to go with them right now)...but still too much travel of the pedal in my opinion. Engine is running great. New radiator cools WAY better.

Now I need to make an appointment with the painter. He's going to polish it one more time due to the clear coat shrinking over the last year.
Took it for a ride south on the Mississippi river road. Nice day and a lot of people out. Got a lot of thumbs up.

Spent a little time adjusting the amp on the sound system and got it where I think it should be. I'll probably tweak it here and there.
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I couldn't stand it. I just had to mess around with the brakes...and found an issue.

This is the caliper I had installed new last summer. Bought them on-line from I don't remember where. Supposed to be top of the line.
I pulled it off the rotor and compared it with the old one I was using as a door stop I realized that the piston and bore were smaller.
Found some of the originals at Autozone and replaced the calipers. Bled the system again. Adjusted the rear brakes and I'm back in action with good solid brakes.
Here's what should have been on there.
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Just got back from Ontario fishing trip. Haven't seen the Cobra II for a while. Driving it tomorrow unless it rains.
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It's okay. It must be raining wherever Enzio is. And has been raining non stop since... checks date. Last Wednesday. Thats gotta be it. Obviously since it's been raining there non stop he wouldn't be leaving us out to dry. Right... Right!
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Have driven the Cobra II several times in the last few days. Street Racers (Rice burners) have been an issue. Heading out tomorrow to go fishing again. I'll see if I can find some Centerfold's the next time I take it out.
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