coolant leak... please help


Sep 13, 2004
Lansdale, PA
ok right on top of the water pump theres little puddles of coolant. the water pump gasket sticks out like a millimeter and that looks really wet. I dont think the thermo housing is dripping coolant down on the water pump bc that area seems to be dry. i did a thermostat change and rad flush last week and today i get a low coolant light. There was very little coolant left in the reservoir. In my haynes manual it says the water pump housing should have a weep hole and thatll start to leak if the water pump is about to fail. Do you guys know about this? How hard is it to change the water pump, keep in mind im a newb:rolleyes: . Thanks
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You may have answered your own question...having changed the Stat last week.

It could still possibly be leaking from the water neck. Did you use any Gasket sealer, and if so, a thin film or caked on? (and allow overnight to dry)

Since that is such an easy fix, you could try that again first..

Also, clean the puddle well...let the car heat up until the stat opens, and check the area with a light and mirror.

Also, since you flushed the coolant, make sure the system is fully burped (top of coolant in the radiator cap and make sure there is some extra in the overflow tank).
I just changed the intake manifold gasket it was leaking on the drivers side and it would leave a small puddle on top of the water pump, the gasket just pushed out, :shrug: if you could get your hands on a pressure tester it'd be easier to find.Good luck.