coolant pressure ??

I am finally finishing my 88 ssp project to find for some reason there seems to be tons of pressure in the cooling system i have gone through 2 sets of head gaskets to figure out today when i fire the engine wich only lasts about 5 seconds due to a fuel issue but thats another day anways after running for maybe 5 seconds i get coolant shooting out of the overfill tube. now after the car has stopped running and minutes later i would say i go to loosen the radiator cap and see my coolant level, it comes pouring out ice cold as though its over heated. almost like the water pump is moving the coolant yet its going nowhere? i dont know any ideas??????????????:shrug:
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That's a new one to me...Restriction somewhere maybe right after the radiator? Does the coolant have oil in it? Maybe the oil pressure is pressurizing your coolant ststem?? Would have to be a rather large leak.