Could my timing or gear be my problem?


Aug 30, 2005
Ok well before when me and my buddy in a 96 cobra race he would only get me by 1/2 car but now he's pulling me a lil over a car....the only thing ive changed is my gear and timing...i set my timing to 14*, i havnt touched it before this and when we changed it to 14* it was set on 18*... should i move it back to 18*? and then i swapped out my 3:73 for a 4:10...could that be my problem? thanks in advance for any advice!
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There are a 'lot of variable' in the changes you made (let alone the normal variables - drivers getting better, etc).

Though it's on the high side, if you were not pinging on the 18*, that could easily make up the difference IMHO.

Good luck.
i run 18* in my motor...for some reason it likes it. I always run premium (93) and it never pings. When i do drop the timing down to suffers noticably in the power department. Some motors like timing....jack it back up and go beat him....