do I need a tuner?


5 Year Member
Apr 10, 2003
reading, PA
Does anybody think I would benifite from the use of a tuner.....I'm leaning towards the tweecer...i have the stock computer with a superchip in it when I bought the car. It now has all the stuff in my sig. I have the money now and need help deciding. :shrug:

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I have had great results with my Tweecer RT.

If you think you will enjoy learning how Ford tuned the stock car, then the tweecer is a good bet.

If you just want to make the car run better with as little time required for tuning, then maybe the pms would be better?

I like the way tweecer rt datalogs.
dont' forget a wide band O2. The Lc-1 from innovate is $200, and prices go up from there...

To help you decide if the tweecer is a good choice, download the software from the tweecer site and the manual.
The manual was recently updated, and is a lot better...