Drag radials, how do they stick in winter?


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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
My back tires have pretty much had it. I am thinking of buying some new tires. I have been planning on going with some drag radials but someone told me they were worse than regular tires when it gets cold. This guy told me that they are very temprature dependant, stick real good when hot, but hardly at all when cold. Is he right?

I want to get the M/T Drag Radials when they come out next seasone but in the mean time should I go with some Nitto's or BFG's, it is not a daily driver.
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i woulnd't bother with drag radials i would get some e/t streets and run them just at the track .....or the m/t drag radials those are going to be badass...but ive heard disappointed times with nittos at the drag strip and bfg dont last hardly at all
Although Nittos need a LOT of heat to hook I think for the street they are the best bet.. they last pretty good and they have IMO a much better tread pattern to deal with rain and bad weather. I don't think any tire really hooks that well in the cold so i wouldn't expect much from them at winter. For real tracktion go ET drags/street.
I just noticed you live in GA so you won't have to worry too much about snow. I guess it depends on how often you drive your car. If regularly drag radials might not be the best bet but rather just get slicks for the track.
Stay away from DRs as everyday tires. On cold days, its sometimes hard to get them to hook at the track even. Water and DR's don't mix well either.
Driving on the streets with DRs in my opinion should be limited to, to and from the track only. Just my opinion though..
They wear out quick too....
See what I mean by mixed reviews. I might just go with some Nitto's since they are some of the cheaper tires for my size. BTW: mine is not a "daily driver", it only comes out to raise hell.

Thanks again...
My nittos hooked better in the rain (during the summer) than my z rated AVON ZZ1's did. My opinione they work better in the rain than a stock radial due to the sowftness and how the pattern is designed to evacuate water. Im gonna burn mine out then buy the new m/t dr's.
I've been running my Nitto 275/40's for the last month in Wisconsin until I pull my snow tires out. The temps have been in the 20-40's and these tires are horrible even in dry conditions. 30 degrees and dry pavement is like driving in rain!
RTGreen said:
I have 275/40-17 Nittos on the coupe. I have had no problems with wet weather traction....in fact it hooks better in wet weather than my BFG Comp T/A's.

I would agree with this if they were new. Any wear at all, on any drag radial, will result in reduced daily driving performance.