drag shocks vs. fully adjustable shock


New Member
Dec 6, 2005
whats is the diffrence between the two and which would be better for someone with a daily driver that street races occasionaly but will be going to the track atleast 5-6 times a month

and i would like to put this on eibach sportline since they have the lowest drop u can get are these good springs to use with these shocks
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If your going to drag that much get the Strange adjustables or Lakewoods. These will be much softer then say a Tockico or Koni 5 way adjustable strut. The softer the better weight transfer to the rear wheels. Springs won't help you at the track. They are more for ditching the 4X4 look and twisty roads. The Sportlines are bit harder then say a FRPP C spring.