Engine Drove great for 20 minutes, shut off and now no crank no start.


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Feb 10, 2021
Hey all.
After working on my fox for a while I finally decided to give it a drive. I drove it to my girlfriends house and it drove great, no problems at all and it felt so good to be driving her again. I get to her house and we are going to go get breakfast. We hop in the fox and I get maybe 2 cranks that are EXTREMELY slow and then nothing. I got door chimes, fuel pump on, and I heard the fan spinning a little but no start.

We tried jumping the battery, no change. I recently wired up an electric fan and I put the power on the ignition switch. I took that off just in case the fan was draining the power to the starter. That gave me nothing. Actually, interestingly enough, it gave me a couple cranks when the fan was all wired up but once I detach that I get just a click sound, sounds like something you would get from the starter but I think it was from the ignition switch or starter solenoid.

Well now she’s parked in front of my girlfriends house not moving. I have work tonight that I need to get to. Also her garage has only very basic tools. And ideas from you geniuses?
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Jul 3, 2005
Dallas, TX
Start with a fully charged battery. Check the actual charging volts and follow the General's suggestions. I would also recommend that you take a very long look at the full length of the positive / negative cables and all of the connections.


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Dec 17, 2021
The symptoms he described to me is a bad TFI module and sometimes just changing one isnt gonna be the total fix either...

The other thing to check is the pickup module where the TFI module plugs into..Its either white yellow or orange colored.....If theres a soft spot in it that feels like a gummy bear the pickup module needs to be changed aswell and buying both is more expensive than buying a distributor from AutoZone for $60.00..

One time I bought both and changed them out only to find out the shaft was shorting to ground due to a bad bushing

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Good Luck
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