dyno numbers in...how to get..........


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Apr 10, 2003
reading, PA
I just got my 347 dynoed today and was wondering how to get my HP numbers up. without replacing heads/cams/intake

HP 286.8
TQ 506.1

I was thinking was to lean it out a little and more advance timing might get me 300.......? Any suggestions?
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mackey said:
500 rwtq?

Yeah that sounds insanely high with the low amount of RWHP you have. I dynoed at 390rwhp with 375rwtq. Something sounds incorrect there. Was this on a mustang dyno? What fuel pump are you running? Hopefully not stock.
at this point, i think that adding HCI will gain more HP. I would think that adding some simple edelbrocks, trickflow or a gt40 aluminum head will add more HP. a More aggressive cam will help too.

but heres a question...... if you add parts to make more HP, will you lose tq? will you be OK with losing hp if so?
1st run i told hime to take it easy cause it was new.....The second run he really hammered it.

As suspected, you aren't making 500ft/lbs. First off, remove that POS "super" chip. Then set your timing to 14-16* and see what happens. He should have stayed on it til 5800-6000.
Looks like something wrong with the dyno. I believe the curves should cross at 5250 or so and those aren't even close to looking right for the numbers on there -- the first run is probably closer to accurate as far as numbers go.
328 tq cant be right...last year my old 302 made 267.0hp and 315 tq before the stroker. And this was a tune shop. There has to be something wrong with the dyno there(carlisle) . Both dynos were ineritia(cant spell it) dynos to.