Dyno question


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Jul 13, 2002
ok so we went and dynoed my buddies 93 STOCK cobra........got what we expected and then started to bs with the guys that works there i asked him how much more he thought it would gain if he installed some gears.....he siad it wouldbe be any different....the dyno compares the speed on the rear tires to the tach and gets the results? i know gears dont add RWHP they sure as **** help u out, i just surprised that it dosnent show on the dyno.....is that a different dyno that does show the gears?
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The Fox

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Mar 30, 2005
Port Elizabeth
Sorry buddy. Doing gears is like dropping 8347852 LBS. It'll add gobs of performance but the dyno is just showing HORSEPOWER/TORQUE curves. Not a "performance" #. The guy should've explained better that it goes by your 4th gear (usually 1.00) your rear gear, and tire size. So the only way you'd see a RWHP gain with gears is if you told the guy you had 3.27s and you really had 4.10s. Then you would have fake/inflated numbers.

Michael Yount

Mustang Master
Apr 10, 2002
Charlotte, NC
AS others posted - take the Cobra, and cut the body off of it - knocking say 1200 lbs. of weight off. Will the car perform more quickly from 0-80 mph? You bet. But it will dyno exactly the same as it did before. That's kind of how gears work.