EFI - Carb conversion...?

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Mar 10, 2000
Dublin GA
Another repost of EFI to carb comments.
Doesn't anyone use the search function?

A word of warning on EFI to carb swaps: don’t expect to pass emissions in any state that does comprehensive smog inspections, because it won’t happen. You won't get any more power from a carb than you will from EFI.

Doing the swap: You must know how to read electrical diagrams and wire circuits properly to do the swap. Don’t take shortcuts or cut corners in the fabrication of the electrical or mechanical assemblies. If you do NASCAR quality work, the car will look good, run good and be as reliable as a carb’d car can be. Take pride in a job done with excellence.

If you do the hack job that is common among folks who don’t understand electricity or computers and are doing the conversion because it is easier than dealing with the EFI system, the result will look like and run like road kill. Wiring harnesses chopped up and spliced together with electrical tape, loose and dangling hoses, fuel lines spliced together with 3 types of fittings speak of ignorance and sloppy workmanship. If you can't do it right, don't do it at all. I wouldn’t wish a car with that kind of workmanship off on my worst enemy...

Now that the rant is over, here’s some practical advice…

Do not use an EFI in tank fuel pump with a carb. You will never get the pressure/flow regulated properly. Either go full EFI or use a tank/fuel pump/fuel lines out of an 84 or earlier Stang. Fabricating your own setup is possible but there are some snags to overcome.

Do not attempt to leave the EFI in place in an attempt to control either the electric fuel pump or ignition. Doing so qualifies you for the “Road Kill Mechanics Award”.

If you try to use your current tank, you will need to pull the fuel pump out and fabricate a pickup tube & strainer sock to replace the fuel pump. Or you can have a sump fabricated and welded onto you existing tank. Many welding shops will not weld fuel tanks because of the dangers involved if the tank isn't purged properly.

You will need an external electric fuel pump unless you change the timing cover for one with the mechanical fuel pump mount on it. Rip all the EFI wiring out, and the computer controlled fuel pump won't work. You will need to add a relay & switch and wire in the existing inertia switch for an external low pressure electric fuel pump.

You will need to run some new fuel feed lines or braided hose. The 3/8" aluminum tubing works well, but you will need a flaring tool and bending springs to fabricate the lines. Braided hose is easy to run and route, but is much more expensive. It is about $3.50-$4.00 a foot plus the end fittings, which are $3-$4 each. Fabricating hose assembles can be difficult, but anyplace that makes hydraulic hoses can do it for you for an extra charge. See http://www.amazonhose.com for more information.

While you are at the electrical part, you'll need a Durspark or similar ignition system. The EFI ignition depends on the EFI sensors to advance the spark. Rip out the TPS and MAP/Baro sensors and the computer will have no idea of the proper ignition timing for best performance. Running a fixed timing setting is only for test purposes or for a race track only car. Don't try it on the street: the results will not be nearly as good as a properly setup Durspark or equal. Crane makes a really nice distributor for non-EFI applications. . See http://www.cranecams.com/index.php?show=browseParts&lvl=4&prt=127 for more information.


Nov 14, 2005
Nor*Cal (Vacaville)
I apologize, as I posted and then remembered I could search the forums...I already found the www.jason.fletcher.net and it was quite helpful...as for the smog emissions thing...dont care but thanks for the concern. Its pretty much a strip only car so I am not concerned with that. I am already running an aftermarket ingition system so I am not concerned on that part either..just wanted the info about which wires were safe to remove and I also am concerned with fuel tank...is anyone running a sumped tank on here? or fuel cell setup on street? Want to know what was involved in switching to fuel cell in fox body and who did the sump work on any sumped tanks....thanks again for the info. Ill try to remember to use the search function next time....