electrical smoke when starting

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@forango have you found out where the magical electrical smoke was from?
Not yet..I am doing an oil change this weekend so while under the car I will check for ground wires etc...the chassis ground looks like it could be "scuffed" up and adjusted but no burn marks or anything of that sort. All the wiring looks good from top side...I have just been so swamped I haven't had time to get under the car.
Sorry for the delay on this, work has been a bitch....So while under the car this weekend the only issue I saw at all wiring-wise was that they had the frame ground bolted in to where the sway bar would mount and the connecting spot under the ground was painted. I took it off and scuffed up the frame and the connecting lead and re-attached it. Drove car for a while and got it good and hot and it started every time after that no dragging or anything else. I already ordered a mini starter that I likely will still install however.

On to my my next question. I have a sway bar that I am going to be installing soon. Where is the "correct" mounting spot for the frame ground? Or is that sway bar mount location actually correct?