engine bay question


Jun 12, 2006
i dont have a welder to fill my holes, so could i use fiberglass, jb weld, liquid nails?
if fiberglass, would the engine torque crack and brake it off? or should i wait until i do a real motor to completely smooth it. including using sheetmetal?
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if the areas are prepped correctly it should hold. both the products mentioned are very durable and if used correctly will last the life of the car.
There isn't really any flex in the aprons of the engine bay. Filling those tiny holes with bondo is fine. Some weld them, but you don't have to. The guys who weld over them use bondo anyways to smooth it out. With or without weld, it has a possiblilty of cracking....but it probably won't.
the problem with filling the holes is that moisture can get between the filler and the metal and crack out that way. Might as well wait and weld em. You can get a small welder fir like 400 bucks. Im doing my engine bay now and welding is the only way to go, plus I do body work for a living and this way is proven to not crack out.
Dime size or smaller holes you might be ok using a filler to fill the hole, but I wouldn't and anything larger than dime size I'd definitely suggest welding them to be on the safe side.

But then again that's just me:)
i dont know what i want to do now. i want to fill some holes but i dont have the money to buy a welder right now. i thing i might try to just use the fiberglass stuff for now, and see how it looks. i got to get sand for my blaster, cause there is some hella rust in the bay.
What about all those dimples on the firewall....the ones that arent actually holes. Would the bondo hold up on those?

Yes, conventional body filler (or how everyone likes to call it "Bondo") will fill the dimples just fine. Make sure that all the paint and contaminants are off the surface. I would clean everything with wax/grease remove then hit it all with a wire brush. Just make sure you clean before you do the next step. The surface also cant be smooth, make sure the body filler ("Bondo") has something to grip to.
I filled a couple holes on this 00 GT I had....I also covered up some welds I grinded down. I used Evercoat Glazing/Finishing Metal Putty. It spreads easier than Bondo, and sands easier. I had the car about 3,000 miles and sold it to a friend. 4 years later it looks great. I love that stuff.