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Aug 7, 2017
Hey guys

I hope everyone is doing well with the current state of things in the world today.

With my state (Wisconsin) under one of these stay-at-home orders I've been trying to put in some wrench time on my fox.(between naps from my newborn) I have gotten to the point where the motor and trans are pretty much ready to go in, and I just have a few odds-and-ends type of questions.

1. I have seen a lot of back and forth about the best intake manifold gaskets. Seems like their are two main camps, Fel-pro 1250 or Fel-pro 1262s3. I'd like some opinions on what you guys would recommend. (car will be running an explorer upper/lower intake and Trick Flow 170 TW heads, I am planning on running EGR) Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone used the ford racing gaskets?

2. I have a built C4 with a B&M ratchet shiftier. I need new Bell housing to engine block bolts. The transmission is originally out of a 73 Maverick and the flange on the C4 seems to be ever-so-slightly thicker than the cars original AOD. Has anybody done this swap and used bolts for an AOD? Or suggestions for other bolts.

Once I marry the motor to the transmission it should be ready to go in and I have a couple questions about installation.

1. Is it easier to install the motor and transmission with the motor mounts attached to the engine? or with the mounts attached to the K-member?

2. Am I completely stupid to think I could do it alone, just me and my engine hoist? (social distancing and whatnot haven't seen my car buddies in a while)

Thanks for your help guys. Any input would be great. Stay safe.


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Mar 2, 2015
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