Exhaust Dilemma!


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Mar 31, 2005
Okay well I got an american thunder cat-back and I love it! Great improvement over stock. But as you all know, the mid-pipe completely kills it. My dad wont let me get an o/r pipe :mad: so I have a few questions.

Which catalytic h pipe do you guys like the best?

How much sound/horsepower is lost when you get hi-flow cats?

Has anyone just bought o/r pipe and cats and had them welded together for cheaper?
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The only thing I could say about sound is the cats will drop the db level down some.

As for performance .....................

If you are talking about high flow cats ....................

Hardly no loss at all.....you won't notice the diff.....like around 5rwhp

My BBK mid pipe with cats fit fine. Just go with BBK or MAC IMHO.

BUT, maybe you should spend that cash elsewhere on your car. Then in a few years, when you are on your own, then get the O/R mid pipe.