Exploder intake engine bay pics... 56K, go away!


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Oct 31, 2006
Chengdu Province
I've been procrastinating taking pictures of the new Exploder intake, but I had it out today with access to a digital camera, so I shot a few of the under hood. My engine bay isn't the prettiest by far, but its getting better. Future plans are a paint job and hidden wires. In the meantime, I just do things like break the coil cover, and thats why its not in these pics. :nonono: Oh well, its a good excuse to get a stainless one, right?

What it looked like when I got it. That is a really crappy silver paint to cover up how bad the original finish was. It was a BITCH to remove.

View attachment 317505

And what it looks like now. The camera flash made the red look orange for some reason, but it actually looks really good in person.

View attachment 317506

View attachment 317507

View attachment 317508

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I'm planning on getting aftermarket valve covers soon, so I just cleaned off the old ones and made sure all the bolts were tight while I had the intake off. I was tempted to paint them with the left over paint, I just never got around to it.