Explorer Throttle Body on 94/95 w/Fox TB conversion?


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Aug 7, 2018
Right now I have a 95 GTS with a stock upper but running a BBK 65mm tb along with Edelbrock 60379 heads and a slightly better than stock cam. Recently I picked up a Explorer GT40 (external egr) intake at the junkyard for $80 and sent it off to have it port matched for my heads. Realizing I'd need a elbow adapter, I got one used for cheap, but with a slight catch, the port is welded shut and one of the two mounts was ground off. Essentially, IF i use this elbow, I have to remove the EGR and trick the computer. Then I realized that IF I removed the EGR, is there really any point to keeping the elbow? Only thought came to mind was to make the SN95 BBK TB work.

So with that in mind, might be a prime opportunity to do the Fox TB conversion. And if I did, would a 65mm TB from an Explorer work instead? I can get one of these from the same junkyard (TPS/IAC & plugs) for next to nothing. My concern would be getting the throttle cable linkage to work. Are there any plug-n-play parts one could swap out from a Fox or SN95 TB to make this work?
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Here’s how to convert an early explorer throttle body for use on a fox body.

Once you get it to this point then you can follow the typical fox tb on SN95 conversion threads
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When I converted an Explorer TB for use on my Fox I just changed the throttle linkage arm and rotated the vapor tube. For the TPS, I made a conversion connector cord to adapt Explorer TPS to Fox harness. Simply take the TPS and cut the connector from the Explorer harness it connects to. Then cut the TPS connector from an old Fox TPS. Connect them together and Boom, Fox harness to Explorer TPS adapter. Then use an Explorer TPS and there will not be any fitment issue.

As far as modifying the throttle linkage arm, simply grind the circled tabs smooth. (pic borrowed from Mustang5L5's Tech Guide above)

Explorer TB.jpg

You will then see the end of the shaft. The arm will simply slide off. Move the Mustang arm over to the Explorer TB and tack weld over the end of the shaft to retain the arm (I have seen some forums/discussions that say you can epoxy/JB Weld the arm in place as well, but I welded mine).

This method is not as involved as what Mustang5L5 describes but from my experience works just as good.

The IAC from Mustang will bolt up to Explorer without issue so nothing special there.

This conversion will work with both stock Mustang and Explorer GT40 style intakes.
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