First Motor Build Need Advice

Apr 24, 2014
so first i have a 89 302 completely stock, i have gt40p heads, ford racing 1.6 roller rockers, chrome moly pushrods, .600 max lift valve springs from anderson, msd distributor, and an msd ignition system. im leaning between a cobra, explorer, or even an aftermarket intake manifold that wont break the bank,now my major dilema is what camshaft to use. Ive been told that too much aggression can make me lose power, but what would be too much agression? From what ive been reading and ive been reading alot, more lift creates more power and the best efficient way to do that is with the cam instead of the 1.7 rockers that will wear down the motor quick, ive been looking at the tfs track max stage 1 and the track max stage 2. Is the stage 2 a bad choice? Or are they both junk? I want to avoid making a camshaft into a camshat
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I believe the 1.6 rockers will at around.042 lift? You're going to want to make sure the combined lift of the rockers, cam, and pushrods are not more than .6 which is what you're springs are rated for. Lift isn't everything duration has a lot to do with how the cam builds power as well. Generally more lift = more power. The cam will have a power range on it and The lower that range the more street friendly it will be. I've heard a lot of people complain that their car felt like it lost power after installing a monster cam and that's because all the power was at 6600 RPM and had nothing down low for the street where their cars were normally driven. Just some food for thought =)
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