fluidyne radiators


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Aug 29, 2007
anyone have one of these in their stangs ..

any opinions of it ?

any tips or hints when installing one ?

my stangs runs a lil hot in the summer time , a lil past half way on the stock gauges . i guess thats a lil over 200 degrees ..

so i want to install an aluminum 2 row fluidyne to bring down the temp a bit ...
should i go with a 160 or 180 thermostat ???

anyone prefer a certain brand or mixture of antifreeze???

and when you drain the system is it necessary to drain the block plugs as well ????
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also no one answered me in my other post but does anyone know what the air temperature coming out of my vents should be with the ac on full blast if working properly ?????
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Go with 180 degree thermostat. Many people on here are running Fluidyne rads, some with great results, some poor. The majority of the complaints stem from leaks. Personally I would go with a Griffin rad. Everyone I know that's ever run one has never had a problem.