Progress Thread Foot Hill's supercharged efi Fastback

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Foot Hill

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Dec 9, 2014
Them some nice welds
all tig welded Stainless
Only part of the build I haven’t done myself (besides some machine work)
I knew I wanted mike to do the exhaust years ago after seeing one of his jobs.
It’s not easy running 2.75” dual Exhaust over axle and through valance with H pipe around 9” and pan hard bar.

And all V bands (no gaskets)

Here is more exhaust **** pics.

Foot Hill

Active Member
Dec 9, 2014
Working on fuel lines and trunk mount battery cable routing For The 65 now.
Been thinking about this looking at post of different ways.
Came up with something I think is really slick.
I’m sure someone has done this but I thought of it myself and I’m pretty proud
So I found a way to make my own dimple die with two sockets and a bolt and nut.


So this is what I’m using to pass the fuel lines through trunk.

then, I found a way to do similar thing to pass fuel and battery cables through the transmission cross brace (Transmission tunnel support)
I drilled holes through both sides of support then passed 1/2” conduit through extending @ 1/4 “ on each end.
Then used two sockets that just fit inside the conduit and then flairs out towards the end
Then pulled the two sockets together with allthread And nuts.
It swedges the pipe in the holes and makes a smooth pass through for my fuel Lines and battery cables

I first experimented with my old tran brace that I had cut out.


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Foot Hill

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Dec 9, 2014
Ran fuel and battery cables.
I used e85 compatible 3/8” feed 3/8” return hose made my red horse.
It’s easy to work with and takes a 2.5” bend radius.
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