Engine Foxbody Mustang A/C Compressor Reseal - Nippon-Denso 6P148A

Thanks. My goal tomorrow is to use the spare compressor on the bench to figure out how to remove the key without the special tool cause i can't get one. I have a couple ideas. One involves potential pinched fingers and bloodloss.
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Fish a loop of wire behind it. Tie a loop on the front side. Secure the compressor and use something to act like a slide hammer. I bet it comes right out.
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Definitely don’t fubar up the key. Its a tight fit with it installed so you want to make sure if you do create any burrs or nicks that you remove them completely.

I cleaned my key up with a buffer to help it install a bit better. It doesn't need to be a supertight fit when you install but obviously you want to avoid slop.
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I accidentally found this method. I didn't realize the key was tapered on each end. I took a precision screwdriver and a belt grinder and put a super thin edge on it. That didn't work. I thought i could force it under the key and lift it up. Nope. But the key did move back a little. Hmmm. So i got a regular screwdriver and tapped the key into the compressor.... Yellow arrow. When the key made it to the radius in the keyway it just lifted up and fell out. Took about 20 seconds. No blood! Who knew.
The time consuming part was polishing/clearancing the clutch inner diameter of the hole that goes on the compressor shaft.
All went back together with some advice from you guys. Thanks.
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Got this in today. Ford showed 9 units in inventory nationwide. Wish i could afford a couple more.
Thanks for the heads up on this part.

My nearest Ford dealer didn't have this part, but did give me a printout showing which dealers had the 8 (vs 9?) remaining units nationwide. First dealer I called (the one closest to me, in my attempt to minimize shipping charges) looked but said he didn't have it.... that they had already gotten rid of their obsolete inventory. Second dealer I called had one, so I ordered it. Now to find the coil, and maybe the pulley, though I don't see the pulley needing to be replaced like the clutch or coil might be.
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Anyone happen to have the OEM part # for the compressor? Is the Motorcraft # any different? I am getting conflicting numbers online and the replacement parts claim fitment for a (ex. 1991 Mustang GT) fox but the manifold ports are clearly different.
There are a few different part numbers. They are located on the rear of the unit.


I think there is an F1 part number as well. Can you show us what you are looking at?
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I've been hunting around the internet, trying to figure out what to do with my A/C. 12 years ago I had a shop evacuate the Freeze 12 and and refill it with actual R12 and 4 oz of "refrigerant oil" (not sure which kind). This time, it's leaking from the front seal (evident by the dirt around it) and weighing in my options to stick with R12 (I have it) or convert over to 134A? The cost of a new compressor is pretty atrocious (if you can find one) and with only 62k on the clock, I think its worth saving my old one.