FRD04-AUX Installation Problem

I just got an 06 GT to drive daily (still have the 67) one of the first upgrades I wanted to do was put the pie frd04aux in to the factory shaker 500 so I can play my ipod on my long drive to work. Well I bought the adapter a couple weeks ago and went to put it in this weekend. It was easy to install, but when I got it hooked up not only did the aux imput still not work, but the CD changer was going crazy. I have 6 discs in there and I can hear the motor in there just wrring away for no reason, even with the key off or radio playing. It wouldn't play any discs at all. I took the adapter back out and buttoned it back up but I don't know what to do it's only two wires I'm sure I had them right :shrug:
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