Free stuff in the Tampa FL area


New Member
Sep 2, 2003
Palm Harbor, FL

If you live in the Pinellas County or any where near by You may be intersted. I've got a pair of gray rear interior panels from a '88 coupe, one driver side arm rest (with plug covers), and two door panels. All are gray from the same '88. I wouldn't put the panels in a show car without paining them but they have no cracks or splits so they are ready for paint or whatever you want to do with them. The door panels are not the best but who cares they are free.

The price? nothing! I want this stuff out of here. Since I'm giving this away I hope it doesn't cause any problems as I know selling things is a no-no in the forums. I'm in northern Pinellas county so if you are interested just email me. I really would like to see this stuff go to someone who can use it instead of the trash heap.

Oh, I also have a steering columns cover parts which are black from ths same '88 (tilt whhel car). Take all or nothing!
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