Fuel injector size?


Mar 11, 2010
Austin Texas
I am getting ready to install a Tork Tech Terminator kit and can't figure out what size injector to get. i've run a couple of the calculators online and for the power level I plan on going to (350 hp) 36lbs are the requirement but I want a little room to breathe so I was thinking 39s. But I also read that 42s are recommended...now maybe you can see my confusion.

I am leaning towards the 42s, but I want to ask if there is any detriment to running larger injectors? I know it will require tuning for the entire project, but even with the computer being tuned is there any reason not to go too large on injectors?

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I've got 36# on my 9-psi KB kit and it's fine. I think any injector in the 36- to 42-pound range would be fine as long as the injectors and MAF are matched in the tune.

If Tork Tech is supplying the tune then get what they recommend.
42 or 60 lb/hr injectors. Which ever you can get a better deal on (probably the 42s). Unless you want to plan ahead for more power, then just get the 60s and never look back.