gas mileage up's


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Apr 29, 2005
right now im getting about 16.4-17.3mpg, ive been planing on upgrading the intake to an edelbrock rpm, with a 4bbl edel carb, if i do this, will i be able to see a deciant mileage up like i was told? i think i might have broke 70 mph for maby 1/2 a mile this last tank of gas, most of the time it stuck to 60 (it was borring but a girl got to me and now im playing the part of a good boy :()
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I doubt you'll get an improvement unless you have a very light right foot and have it well tuned. Most likely it will go backwards.

You'd get a better improvement in milage through an AOD or a T5
yeah im eventually gonna look into that but right now i dont have the looking at the 4bbl becuse i would like to have more power when needed(or should i say wanted), i was told my my mecanic that if i put a good intake and a 4bbl it will get a little better gas mileage, i did the math and im getting about 17.593 mpg. (hiway cruzing at 60 mph) it was boring and fun at the same time...boring becuse i was going so slow, and fun becuse i was pissing ppl off ^_^ and normally i DO have a heavy foot, but a girl got to me and i calmed way down....why is it they have that effect on guys...
A small 4 barrel will help with gas; unlike the 2v which has to be jetted to cover light throttle to w.o.t., the 4v can be jetted leaner for part throttle conditions because it has the other two barrels that can kick in when needed for power. The Holley Street Avenger 570cfm would be a good choice.