Goin to the track this w/e, some Q's


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Aug 27, 2003
Lexington, Ky
is there any advantage of leaving the air filter off?

on my car, i have a VERY VERY hard compound rubber. i very seldom leave black marks when doing a burnout, i end up with white streaks lol. So... should i do a burnout at the track? Long vs short? its an open rear with 2.78 gear.

Hopin for a 15!!
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when you go to the starting line drive around the water box and do a couple of dry hops before you stage the car. also launch the car just off idle so that you get maximum traction. you want to avoid spinning the tires as much as possible.
My car went from around 13.0 AFR to around 14.0 AFR when removing a 13x3 K&N open filter. Pulling air through the filter puts more draw on the booster. You will not gain any power removing the filter unless you are way rich with the filter on. If it is a good filter I doubt there will be any gain after jetting is optimized when the filter is removed.I would jet it for a filter and not mess with it.
Cobain , I live in S.E. Lexington off of Man-O-War Blvd. I go to Clay City with a friend that runs a small block Monza in Super Pro. (5.40s in the 1/8th.) We were planning to try and race on Saturday. I am also in the local mustang club . ( Approx. 80+ members ). We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at Ryans on Red Mile Road. Stop by say hello if you get the chance.