Going to Smog.. Need to Clear codes?


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Mar 6, 2000
Portland, OR
I have to smog my 96 sometime this month as the tags are due. I have had the engine light come on and off for the past 600 miles for code 1443 (purge flow sensor). I replaced the sensor last night (I hope that cured the problem). I disconected the battery, then I replaced the sensor. When I started the car, the engine light was off. Do I need to do anything else before I go to smog the car? Is there a history I have to clear or did I do that when I disconnected the battery?
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As I understand it, the code has to do with the gas vapor in the tank.

I didn't replace the valve, I replace the sensor. According to what I have read, the sensor is the problem 9 times out of 10. Some people have had to replace the valve as well but most people try the sensor first as it is under $20 for the part. Supposedly the valve is around $50.

My sensor was located on the passenger side firewall, probably directly behind the pass side valve cover. It has a vacuum line going in and one going out. The sensor is basically a T with an electrical connector that is maybe 1.5" long? Supposedly, the valve is near by as well, just follow the vacuum line from the sensor. Not sure if your car is the same :shrug:

I don't have the p/n handy but I can post it later if you want.
well if they are anythign like CA, you have to clear the codes, and you have to drive the car and hope that P1000 doesnt show up. i know here a P1000, is an automatic fail. P1000 btw is the code that the computer puts out when not all of the tests have completed.
i am going to assume the computer smog test here in Ohio is pretty much the same as what you have in Oregon. And simply clearing the codes will not work.

because a code puller pulls generic codes. whereas the smogs tests run the codes according to the trip cycles.

The computer stores trip codes in it that have to be checked as ok. It takes 2 trip cycles of no codes being stored for it to be passed. A trip cycle is defined as a full heat cycle of the engine. There are five different areas that have to pass. Sorry to be the one to break the news.

clearing the codes is not the same as them being checked as OK that's why the light comes back on after awhile.
Did I clear the codes when I disconnected the battery or is it still in the memory? Do I need to get my friend to clear it with his Autotap? Driving it is no problem, as I plan on heading North to Bellevue for the big show in a couple weeks. Hopefully 350+ miles will be enough to retrain the computer.
yes you cleared the codes. but the smog checker will still find them. because that runs through your trip cycles which can not be cleared expcept by running two complete cycles without coming up with an error.