GT40P Head Question

I have the opportunity to pick up a set of GT40P heads. My car is currently bone stock (except for an AOD to T5 trans swap) and runs great as is.

Has anyone ever ran GT40Ps with the stock manifold and speed density? I'm wondering if it's worth the $ and/or if the SD can adjust itself ok. I've heard the SD will run ok with head changes, but struggles with a cam change. Since the car runs so well now, I really don't want to mess a good thing up, but I would like a nice bump in horsepower :) and I really don't want to to convert to MAF.

I know the GT40 set up would be optimized with the intake (had both on my '90), but I want to keep my engine bay looking stock.
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You can do it.

If you want to keep the stock manifold, look into a Tmoss ported lower intake. It will really help out with the 40P's. Then open up the upper a bit and install a 65mm TB. Will still look stock, but you'll get a little bit more airflow for the heads
Thanks guys. I will look into the Tmoss lower intake, 65mm throttle body and will get the Gt40 compatible headers too (had them on the '90-I forgot the stock manifolds don't quite line up).

Need to get some new shocks/struts first, since the ones on the car are original and totally shot.