Guys with 15" wheels, what tires are you running?


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Jan 23, 2002
I'm in the market for some new tires for my '92 GT. I've been using BFG Radial TA's on my Welds for the last several years. Rear wheels have 5.5" backspace, so I'm concerned that the 275/50R15 will rub in the back. I currently have a 255/60R15 on there, but they are a little too tall for my taste (27"). BFG doesn't make the 265/50R15 that I used to run, so I was thinking of switching brands. Dunlop is the only brand I can find that makes a 265/50R15 (QualifierGT). I've never really owned any Dunlops, so I'm kinda hesitant to get these. BTW, up front I've been using 215/60R15 on a 6" rim. So what are you guys using? Any suggestions?
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I'm running stock-sized Fuzion HRi's on all four corners (225/60/R15). In hindsight, I shoulda' gone with wide meats, perhaps 245/55/R15's or even 255/50/R15's. Maybe I'll eventually wear my current set out and upsize a bit - plus running slightly taller tires might offset the traction problems and highway speedo difference I have with the 4.10's. :D

Either way, Fuzion's are pretty good. :nice:
I'm running almost the same combo but I have 195/60 BFG's on 7 inch Welds up front. Not quite a skinny but at least I still have decent handling, but yet not a boat anchor 245 tire. If you go with that 275/50, you should be alright because they're supposed to be 26 inches tall, the 275/60 is 28 tall. The most you might have to do, if you still have them, is reverse the orientation of the quad shocks.