Header recommendation... W/ VT Stg 1 N/A Cams

Which headers with VT stg 1's?

  • Keep the Stock shorties on, they will be fine with the cams.

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Aug 25, 2000
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Im going to do the VT Stage 1 N/A cams when the finally get back in stock, right now im just running bolt ons and 4.10's (See sig.) im running stock headers w/ Slp Catted X-pipe. Now, im kinda looking for recommendations for headers..

One, I really really dont want to do longtubes as i want every bit of ground clearence i can get and i want to be able to drop the transmission to do the clutch eventually... BUT!! Ill bite the bulitt and do them if its absolutely recommended... i can get a set of BBK Longtubes at a pretty good bargain. (we like BBK headers for the 4.6 dont we guys?) :scratch:

Two, I can leave the stock shorties on and run them with the Cams.. which is cheaper, but i dont mind spending the cash for it to be done right.

three, i can do JBA Shorties.. which is better than stock, but not going to make the power of longtubes.. both are a bitch to install.

What to do what to do.. thanks for your suggestions.

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edelbrock has recently introduced the most powerful header for 4.6 2v PERIOD

imagine that you can have the power of racers. broad torque and more hp than any non stepper can produce. slip on collectors to maximize your engine, not some dyno beast. 300 dollars for a 1 5/8" to 1 3/4" stepper.
buy a header that will keep up with your mods forever. just retune the collector for higher rpm bands or lower. bassani,bbk,hedman,hooker... not really.
I've been debating this too as i will be doing the same thing as you in the future. VT 1's and fortifying the rearend for some slicks. I know that most everyone on here goes with BBK and I've looked at them, but I really like the design of the Kooks headers and 'X'. They have a modular cat design that allows you to switch between catted and non catted. Kooks are expensive, but all stainless.
If you can get a set of BBK's at a bargain I would go that route if you want to save some cash... I am running them and have been for well over a year with zero problems, exhaust leaks ect. I have said it before and I will say it again, the install is a total pain in the A$$, do your clutch at the same time and save your self some frusturation later down the road.